Want to feel amazing by the time the warmer weather hits? March MATness is just the thing for you!

Should you choose to participate, by April, you will:

   -feel stronger and more flexible
be able to perform your daily tasks with greater ease
have evened out many of the imbalances in your body
notice your joints feel more oiled
have a more powerful powerhouse
eel more energized and less stressed
enjoy a tremendous sense of power and accomplishment

What is March MATness?
March MATness is a sensational global awareness campaign now in its 3rd year. Celebrated everywhere by all types of Pilates lovers, whether they’re new to Pilates or have been doing it for years, March MATness was designed to inspire and encourage people to get rolling with their mat work at home!

Basically, the goal for March MATness is:
Do mat work at home every single day for 31 days in March. Even if it's just 5 minutes, daily mat work will yield results. Joseph Pilates believed that we should make mat work a part of our daily routines for many reasons - I could discuss them at length (and probably will often this month), but we're hoping you'll join in and see for yourself. 

Erin and I would LOVE for our clients to experience the transformational benefits of daily mat work. So we're encouraging everyone we know to participate and hope we'll be able to celebrate how awesome we all feel in April! 

My commitment:
During the month of March, I have committed to doing Mat work EVERYDAY. I invite you all to do the same! It could be just the one exercise that we are highlighting for that day, or it could be an entire 45-minute advanced mat. It’s up to you. (But, keep in mind: the more you put in, the more you’ll get out.)

Each day I will be sharing one Pilates Mat exercise on the Bodywise Pure Pilates Facebook page and Instagram account. It may be a video, a picture, or a note on the benefits of that exercise. To keep things interesting, it may be from myself, Erin, or from a fellow instructor from the worldwide Pilates community.

How do you participate?
Should you choose to “play,” your job is to spend the month of March making Pilates mat work part of your daily routine, like brushing your teeth. How you do this is up to you, but you must spend at least 5 minutes each day. Let the Facebook post be your guide to the daily exercise or let it inspire you to complete a whole mat work routine. Making mat work part of your daily life will take some determination and experimentation — but trust us: it will be SO. WORTH. IT.

The accountability piece:
Daily (not required) - After you do your mat work, check in and tell us how you did! We’ll be looking for your comments each day (and even photos, if you’re comfortable). You don't have to check in on Facebook everyday, but the more you do the more fun it will be. Also, share your pictures on Instagram @bodywisepurepilates. #bwppmm2015 #mm2015 marchmatness2015 ;) 

Weekly (required) - Each Saturday, get ahold of us via Facebook or e-mail to let us know how many days you did mat work. I’ll keep track on a chart in the studio and those who put forth valiant March MATness effort will be rewarded with a special surprise in April.

We hope you'll join us in the MATness and can't wait to hear about how sensational we all feel at the start of spring!!





Authorvalerie lopata