Let me just start by saying:

I know you've heard from me a lot this week on social media and via email and I promise not to continue to pester you at this rate, but it IS the beginning of the new year and we ARE all trying to be a little bit healthier and this IS good. Really good. 

I'll start out by saying that despite the fact that I am a Pilates Instructor and own a Pilates studio, I still really struggle with consistently making heathy choices in my life. Oh sure, I have stellar intentions, and I make all kinds of lists and resolutions and all, and then I'm good (really good) for about 4 days.
And I have a feeling that I'm not alone in this and THAT'S why I'm bothering you again today.

So here it is: 
There is this program called the Whole Life Challenge which is basically an online game that you 'play' with friends, family and others. The idea is that you are presented with 7 daily habits which you earn points for accomplishing. Each day, you record the points you earned on the WLC dashboard. That is also one of the places you communicate with others on your team- sharing tips, recipes, failures, and successes. At the end of the 8 weeks, we take a look at the impact all of these habits have had on our bodies, minds, and overall lives. The improvements I have witnessed have been astonishing. Simply astonishing. 
So selfishly, I need your help. Because having a team filled with real, hardworking, imperfect people like you would make these next 8 weeks a lot more fun. And a lot more rewarding for all of us. 
Lets face it, the next 8 weeks are going to come and go whether you choose to participate or not. You already know what you'll feel like if if do anything different, don't you want to see how you'll feel if you do? 


Don't wait. Sign up here. And bring your sense of humor:)

Lovingly (and selfishly),

Authorvalerie lopata