We've been so lucky this year with a warm, dry, sunny, summer, it pains me to see it coming to an end :(  It's also been an extremely busy summer here at the studio, and that's why we've been trying-on some new ways to help all of you get in all of the workouts that you're looking for.



In May, Sydney began offering our very own Barre Class on Friday mornings. We quickly realized that we needed to add a Monday evening slot of this. Clients are are loving this class as a complement to their classical Pilates practice with it's high reps, low weights and lots of pulsing! Waking up the next day feeling their triceps, booty, thighs, and abs has them coming back for another dose on the regular.  


In June, Erin piloted our very first Pilates Circuit Class. It was a huge hit! Clients reported that they liked the fast pace and the independent nature of the class. They felt that the workout was well balanced and left them feeling worked but energized! And they loved "working those springs!"

This month, we are bringing back the Pilates Circuit Class. We'll be offering this class on Mondays at noon, and Thursday evenings at 6:00 beginning Monday, Aug 6th. You can sign up for the whole month or just one class. Just be sure to reserve your spot by midnight the night before at bodywisepurepilates.com.



 ***Because Circuit Classes are Intermediate in level, previous Pilates experience is required. If you're unsure if this class is a good fit for you, ask! Grab us after class or shoot us an email and we'll let you know our thoughts ***    As the month progresses, we have a few more creative offerings to unveil, so stay tuned to your email, facebook and Instagram to stay up to date and in the know!   For now, #keepmoving #pilatesisforEVERYbody  #seeyouonthemat  

In much gratitude, Val   


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