Last week, we launched a program at the studio that I’ve been wanting to offer for a while. I’m still working on a name for this program so for now we’re calling it “10 Week Pilates Intensive”. The program is based on a famous quote by Joseph Pilates in which the client takes 3 One-on-One sessions per week for 10 straight weeks. Before and after measurements and photos are taken, goals are set by the client and the instructors, and we’re on our way to see what measurable changes occur in the client’s body and life! Tina has agreed to take you along on the journey by blogging about her experience throughout this process.



Week 1

by Tina Paul

Let me first preface this blog by letting you know that I’ve never written a blog before. You may find that I repeat myself, and that may be because my muscles have turned my brain into jelly. Or, it may be because I’m learning a new holistic skill set that is nearly guaranteed to promote my personal growth. Whatever it is that I will acquire from this journey with Valerie and Erin, I hope that you enjoy following along with me over the course of the next ten weeks.

Tina at week 1

Tina at week 1


Mr. Joseph Pilates once said, “In ten sessions you’ll feel the difference, in twenty you’ll see the difference, and in thirty you’ll have a new body.” I’ve heard this quote many times since I began practicing “Contrology,” though only recently learned that Mr. Pilates’ theory was designed to be completed within a ten-week time frame. This is slightly intimidating because, while I’ve been practicing Pilates fairly consistently for the past 3 years, I seem to quickly forget every component that I must pay attention to and I start cheating! As I approached the beginning of this journey, I was feeling slightly doubtful that I would be successful in this venture, but also excited for what may come from it. 

For those of you that know me, I did not sign myself up for this in an attempt to lose weight. I repeat, I’m not trying to lose weight! I am fortunate to be able to work with a healthy and strong body. And with which I hope to build more strength and muscle tone (think: Erin’s back!), become more flexible, and actually for once follow through with a commitment! 

Instructor Erin's beautifully strong back photographed by Ryan Wilson

Instructor Erin's beautifully strong back photographed by Ryan Wilson


Like I mentioned earlier, I am famous for cheating at Pilates and I am the first to admit it. I have always been a runner and cyclist, and therefore I have strong quad’s. Those quad’s do not like to turn off. I think I’m getting a good core workout during the hundred, when in fact my quad’s are doing the most of the work! Just this week, I’ve really started to hone in and modify the hundred, for instance, to ensure that I’m working the correct muscles.

Tina's Hundred at week 1

Tina's Hundred at week 1


I’ve gone from practicing Pilates 1-2 times per week, to 5 over this past week. During my first session with Valerie, I left excited, happy and overwhelmed! I felt like I hadn’t done Pilates in at least 6 months! I was tired, sore and my mind was so full with Pilates terminology, I thought: how am I ever going to really get the hang of this? Like for real, like Romana real. I came back to mat class with Erin on Tuesday; again tired, but somehow feeling strong, with a renewed focus and dedication to this commitment I’ve made. My second one-on-one with Erin was… sweaty! She had me begin with the classical reformer series. While she was reminding me to keep my lower back pressing down, my legs zipped up the back, my belly in and up, my arms hugging my body, my neck lengthened, my ribcage pulling in, my shoulders open and my heels lifted high, I was trying not to drop my left hip, turn out my ankles, turn out my elbows or overextend my knees! Ah! How is Pilates even possible? Does it ever get easier?

To round out my first week of this Pilates intensive, I worked again one-on-one with Erin, followed by a mat class (which now I know was a good idea, but I didn’t think so while I was holding that Teaser!). This past one-on-one was very different from any others that I’ve done before. We didn’t do any Reformer work. Rather, Erin had me work primarily on the Cadillac, and a little bit of work on the mat, the Ladder Barrel and the Wunda Chair. We even incorporated some SpringTone, which until now, I’ve never tried. Despite our chattiness (with Valerie too!), we’re starting to move very quickly. The flow and rhythm, or “dance” of classical Pilates, is coming together and I already (or finally, depends on how you look at it), am feeling as though I “get it.” 

I feel stronger today than I did Monday. One week down, nine to go – and thoroughly enjoying every minute in the studio!


Authorvalerie lopata

For Pilates lovers and soon to be Pilates lovers! 

What's all this MATNESS about?

Now in its 4th year, March MATness is a global awareness campaign created by Pilates superstar Benjamin Degenhardt. It takes place on social media throughout the month of March. Pilates lovers everywhere share their passion for Pilates by exchanging content regarding Joseph Pilates' book "Return to Life through Contrology". To unify the campaign, each day a different exercise is highlighted. You can find the list of exercises and learn more about it by going to

Here at Bodywise Pure Pilates, we are celebrating this unique campaign by offering a special treat to our clients!

Beginning Tuesday, March 1st, each time you come to a Mat Class at Bodywise, your name will be entered into a drawing that will occur at the end of the month. Bring a (new-to-the-studio) friend, and you'll get 2 chances! It’s that easy! The more you come to class, the more chances you’ll have to WIN!  But what will I win, you ask?  Well, you’ll have to stay tuned to social media where we’ll be dropping hints as the month rolls along. We'll also be sharing all kinds of tips and tid-bits to help make your Pilates Matwork stronger and more effective. Follow us on Facebook at Bodywise Pure Pilates and on Instagram at #bodywisepurepilates, #bwppmm16, and #marchmatness2016.

 Reserve your spot by clicking on the "Schedule with Us" tab at the top of the page. Come to one or come to them all!

Mondays 9:15-10am
Tuesdays 5:30-6:15pm
Wednesdays 9:15-10am
Thursdays 6-6:45pm
Saturdays 10-10:45am

Haven't been to one of our Mat Classes yet? Well here is your personal invitation! All of our Mat Classes are a general level and aim to accomodate all who are present. While the class won't be a One-on-One appointment, you'll still get a great workout. You'll leave the studio aligned, strengthened, and refreshed. And, if you sign yourself up here, your first Mat Class is FREE!  Just choose the "Your First Mat Class is FREE" option at checkout :) After that, classes are a steal at $15 apiece or $100 for 8.

That's all for now.
Hope to see you all on the Mat!


Authorvalerie lopata

Let me just start by saying:

I know you've heard from me a lot this week on social media and via email and I promise not to continue to pester you at this rate, but it IS the beginning of the new year and we ARE all trying to be a little bit healthier and this IS good. Really good. 

I'll start out by saying that despite the fact that I am a Pilates Instructor and own a Pilates studio, I still really struggle with consistently making heathy choices in my life. Oh sure, I have stellar intentions, and I make all kinds of lists and resolutions and all, and then I'm good (really good) for about 4 days.
And I have a feeling that I'm not alone in this and THAT'S why I'm bothering you again today.

So here it is: 
There is this program called the Whole Life Challenge which is basically an online game that you 'play' with friends, family and others. The idea is that you are presented with 7 daily habits which you earn points for accomplishing. Each day, you record the points you earned on the WLC dashboard. That is also one of the places you communicate with others on your team- sharing tips, recipes, failures, and successes. At the end of the 8 weeks, we take a look at the impact all of these habits have had on our bodies, minds, and overall lives. The improvements I have witnessed have been astonishing. Simply astonishing. 
So selfishly, I need your help. Because having a team filled with real, hardworking, imperfect people like you would make these next 8 weeks a lot more fun. And a lot more rewarding for all of us. 
Lets face it, the next 8 weeks are going to come and go whether you choose to participate or not. You already know what you'll feel like if if do anything different, don't you want to see how you'll feel if you do?

Don't wait. Sign up here. And bring your sense of humor:)

Lovingly (and selfishly),

Authorvalerie lopata

Want to feel amazing by the time the warmer weather hits? March MATness is just the thing for you!

Should you choose to participate, by April, you will:

   -feel stronger and more flexible
be able to perform your daily tasks with greater ease
have evened out many of the imbalances in your body
notice your joints feel more oiled
have a more powerful powerhouse
eel more energized and less stressed
enjoy a tremendous sense of power and accomplishment

What is March MATness?
March MATness is a sensational global awareness campaign now in its 3rd year. Celebrated everywhere by all types of Pilates lovers, whether they’re new to Pilates or have been doing it for years, March MATness was designed to inspire and encourage people to get rolling with their mat work at home!

Basically, the goal for March MATness is:
Do mat work at home every single day for 31 days in March. Even if it's just 5 minutes, daily mat work will yield results. Joseph Pilates believed that we should make mat work a part of our daily routines for many reasons - I could discuss them at length (and probably will often this month), but we're hoping you'll join in and see for yourself. 

Erin and I would LOVE for our clients to experience the transformational benefits of daily mat work. So we're encouraging everyone we know to participate and hope we'll be able to celebrate how awesome we all feel in April! 

My commitment:
During the month of March, I have committed to doing Mat work EVERYDAY. I invite you all to do the same! It could be just the one exercise that we are highlighting for that day, or it could be an entire 45-minute advanced mat. It’s up to you. (But, keep in mind: the more you put in, the more you’ll get out.)

Each day I will be sharing one Pilates Mat exercise on the Bodywise Pure Pilates Facebook page and Instagram account. It may be a video, a picture, or a note on the benefits of that exercise. To keep things interesting, it may be from myself, Erin, or from a fellow instructor from the worldwide Pilates community.

How do you participate?
Should you choose to “play,” your job is to spend the month of March making Pilates mat work part of your daily routine, like brushing your teeth. How you do this is up to you, but you must spend at least 5 minutes each day. Let the Facebook post be your guide to the daily exercise or let it inspire you to complete a whole mat work routine. Making mat work part of your daily life will take some determination and experimentation — but trust us: it will be SO. WORTH. IT.

The accountability piece:
Daily (not required) - After you do your mat work, check in and tell us how you did! We’ll be looking for your comments each day (and even photos, if you’re comfortable). You don't have to check in on Facebook everyday, but the more you do the more fun it will be. Also, share your pictures on Instagram @bodywisepurepilates. #bwppmm2015 #mm2015 marchmatness2015 ;) 

Weekly (required) - Each Saturday, get ahold of us via Facebook or e-mail to let us know how many days you did mat work. I’ll keep track on a chart in the studio and those who put forth valiant March MATness effort will be rewarded with a special surprise in April.

We hope you'll join us in the MATness and can't wait to hear about how sensational we all feel at the start of spring!!





Authorvalerie lopata


Recently, I've been thinking quite a bit about Romana.

Things she said. 

How she carried herself. 

The twinkle of mischief in her eye. 

Her hands. Hands that could convey more meaning than words. Sometimes even just one finger. (coupled with those mischievous eyes, of course) 

She always said "Pilates can easily be summed up in 3 words: Stretch. Strength. Control. In all the right amounts."

I remember her warning us fledgling instructors that teaching something with so much repetition could get pretty boring after awhile for both the clients and ourselves and to combat that, we needed to be creative with how we communicated with our clients. She would describe exercises as "delicious" and "juicy". She insisted that we all get a dictionary and at the start of every new day, we open it randomly to a page and point. Where our finger landed would be a word (naturally) and we should challenge ourselves to use that word in our teaching throughout the day.

Romana worked hard and she celebrated hard. She believed in champagne every Friday at noon. Not just for herself, but for anyone who happened to be in the studio at that moment; instructors, apprentices, clients. The cork would pop and before you knew it, you were being handed a dixie cup with a swallow or two of bubbly, toasting another week in the books. It didn't matter if you were quietly observing or in the middle of side splits on the reformer.

It's safe to say Romana taught me a few things. Among them, Pilates.

Romana and I                                 Fall  1998

Romana and I                                 Fall  1998

Authorvalerie lopata

Like it or not, Fall is on it's way. This means we're back on a schedule. Something I innately resist. But if you're anything like me, if you don't schedule it, it wont happen. So recently, as I found myself filling in (or filling up) all the littles squares on the family calendar with things like practices and lessons and family obligations, I decided to schedule my workouts there too. It's not rocket science I realize, just a little something I'm trying out to help me stay on track and remind me (and the family) that working out to keep myself healthy, is a family obligation and deserves a time slot too! I'll let y'all know how it goes... In the meantime, I thought it might help some of you to add a small group class to your schedule. So I've cooked up a couple of options. Let me know which ones you're putting on your calendar ; )

photo 2-4.JPG

Classes are 45 min of Classical Pilates Mat. 2-10 people per class. Mats will be provided for your use.

View the Class schedule and register by clicking the "Schedule with Us" tab above and then the "Classes" tab.

$15 per Class or $100 for an 8 Class card. And as a special gift, for those hesitant to join in, your first Mat Class purchased online is FREE! Just choose that option at checkout.

Hope to see you all there! 


Authorvalerie lopata

At Bodywise, we are proud to utilize the finest apparatus in the industry. Hand crafted in the United States by the one and only Gratz Industries


The Universal Reformer

 As harsh as that name sounds, we love us some Reformer around here! And bet that you will too! In effort to get precisely what he wanted out of a client,  Joseph Pilates settled on this very design after rearranging the springs on a hospital bed. The sliding bed part, or carriage, offers spring resistance to both assist and challenge the client. One of the best things about this bad boy is that we get to start our workouts lying down! 



The Wall Unit

This one includes the ever-famous Mat, home to the also ever-famous Pilates Mat Work. Both the foundation and the crown jewel of Pilates, the Mat Work was the first work that Mr. Pilates created. At the end of the Mat lie the springs. Arm springs, leg springs, push through bar, and roll back bar. Scary looking? Maybe a little, but trust us, once you work with the springs, you'll be hooked!



Ladder Barrel

9 out of 10 clients agree,  if they could choose one piece of apparatus to have in their home, this would be the one! The Ladder Barrel is fabulous for making taffy out of you! 



The Wunda Chair

This one has an awesome name. And trust us, it is undoubtedly wundaful! Not to be underestimated though, the Wunda chair was Joe's answer to a home exercise device. And living in a small Manhattan apartment, he knew the value of dual purpose. That's why this apparatus can be turned on its side and pulled up to the the dinner table. Only after your workout of course!

AuthorZachary Dinerstein